jobseeker directions avoid sanctions employability other courses activites

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jobseeker directions avoid sanctions employability other courses activites

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:17 pm

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Further ideas to avoid employability/similar courses:

Most of the general 'help' and certification can be found on-line for free i.e, IT courses, employability qualifications, food hygiene certificates etc.

Some examples, but this is not an exhaustive list.

As we all know, too many mandates are unlawful and the 'support' on offer is primarily to frustrate claimants off benefits. If you can produce evidence that you do not need the support being served and your skills are up to date, it will be nigh impossible for DWP officials to mandate you to any 'opportunity' unless it is evidence based ,as well as tailored specifically to your needs.

Helpful sections of the Decision Makers' Guide:

“34905 The issue of a JSD must be tailored to each individual claimant’s requirements and must not be used as a means of filling places in a particular opportunity in any circumstances.”

Paul comes in for his fortnightly job review and during the past 2 weeks he has had another 3 job interviews but been unsuccessful and this appears to be a regular pattern, he seems to get to the interview stage but not get the job. There is a JCP course on 'Interviewing techniques' that the advisor considers will benefit Paul by improving his interview technique and a JSD is issued to mandate him to attend. This is a reasonable request in Paul's specific case.

Karen however is failing to get to the interview stage, she is meeting all her job search activity and applying for plenty of jobs but not getting an interview. The advisor identifies that the problem may be that Karen’s job search skills need improving. It would be reasonable and appropriate to mandate Karen to an activity to help her improve her job search skills, e.g. that provides some support in how to complete job applications, but unreasonable at this stage to send her to the ‘Interviewing techniques’ course with her friend Paul even though there are available places on the course.

Each individual claimant referred to the specific course/activity has to have been selected because the activity itself is reasonable and relevant to that particular claimant in his/her individual circumstances and that it will help that specific individual in their search for employment.”

8. It must also give full information about the required activity. For example:
• the full name and address (inc. postcode) of any organisation involved
• exact details of what the claimant is being required to undertake;

“20. Even though a specific activity is being supported by a Jobseeker’s Direction, it must be clear to the claimant why the activity is thought to be fair and the benefits of doing it. The claimant should see the benefits in terms of helping them improve their chances of getting a job and be willing to do carry out the required activity.”

Relevant FOI:

The same applies to UC directions within section 2 of the UC claimant commitment.[/quote]

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