I work for the DWP ... and what I’ve seen is shocking

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I work for the DWP ... and what I’ve seen is shocking

Post by helping_hand on Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:21 am

Comment from Rightsnet..

Shawn @rightsnet wrote:Blimey ... there’s a lot in here ... from a UC case manager -

- the problem is compounded by [DWP staff] lack of knowledge about the universal credit regulations
- it is not uncommon for charities and support workers to inform case managers ... of the law, rather than the other way round.
- in reality, claimants are putting important journal messages about jobs and interviews online all the time, and the case managers and work coaches can’t reply.
-many of my colleagues feel out of their depth ... resulting in a vast amount of crucial work never being completed until claimants contact us when their payments are inevitably paid incorrectly or not at all.
- if the person who’s looking after your universal credit payment takes some annual leave, you could be left penniless by accident.
- one of the principles we’re told is central to case management is that claimants are entirely responsible for their own claim. The system alerts us when deadlines have been missed, allowing us to cruelly close claims.
- claimants who state that they are facing eviction are a penny a dozen. We are told that legal proceedings can take months so a claimant is “never really facing eviction”.
- many claimants react in anger; others break down in tears. It’s only minutes until we’re dealing with the next caller – and the last caller is quickly forgotten.



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Re: I work for the DWP ... and what I’ve seen is shocking

Post by Brutus on Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:24 am

It requires much effort to subvert the nature of an organisation, reorganise the command structure, accustom  workers to new standards and baselines.

While this can be relatively quick, changes that go against the innate grain of decency that most people learn from their parents, usually are more difficult to establish.
Who want to be part of a world where hate and mistrust are the common currency of social exchange, very few.

Hopefully most of those cowed into toe the line by the  horrible bosses imposed on them will be more responsive to re-humanisation in a future change of government.


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