more tory refusals to obey court orders

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more tory refusals to obey court orders

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:23 pm

But when the case came to court again on 23 August, the government failed to provide a defence. In fact, the government failed to even provide a barrister to defend the case. Instead, a government solicitor was left to apologise for the actions of the Home Secretary. He responded to the court by stating:

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Re: more tory refusals to obey court orders

Post by Brutus on Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:13 am

The way asylum seekers are treated is a disgrace. Locking people up who are escaping torture and persecution is disgusting in itself. But for the Home Office, the department supposedly in charge of law and order, to ignore the orders of one of the UK’s highest courts to release a vulnerable person is a new low, even for this government.

Totalitarianism of every sort often begin with disregard to the working of democracy.

Examples like these are part of a larger tendency, one that we see all over the place...the disregard for human rights, callousness toward the less fortunate in society, the elevation of moral turpitude to desirable qualities...all are part of the evolution of the cultural  make-up of the present elites.

A process that will eventually lead, when unchecked, to extremes. We see the influence of it on the working of the State but also on the general level of moral influence they have on the general public. Where the powerful  lead many follow.

Contesting their philosophy and morality, pointing out their inhumanity is part of what any decent citizen should do, and what forums like these are helping to counteract.


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