no pron you have to verified to watch it

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no pron you have to verified to watch it

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:39 pm

I understand this is an adult content however it does point to some interesting stuff with your data

shall henceforth become a requirement for all pornography-serving websites to verify the ages (and thus identities) of all of their visitors in the UK.

ISPs may be forced to block sites which fail to do so, and the fact that many such sites are not based in the UK nor subject to British law shall pose plenty of difficulties for the law's implementation, as will its provisions forcing ISPs to prohibit access to "non-conventional sex acts", which has provoked plenty of criticism from the less vanilla members of society.

The legislation, which requires websites serving up adult content to verify users' ages or be blocked by ISPs, was criticised as an "unworkable proposal" by Open Rights Group, among others, including feminist pornographer Pandora Blake:

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