we don’t inspect all flats we put homeless families in

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we don’t inspect all flats we put homeless families in

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:35 pm

[We] move [a homeless family] into [temporary accommodation] and of course it is full of cold and damp, and things don’t work, and there’s rats running around…”

“….I do remember somebody who did actually have a hole in the ceiling and rain was coming through.”

“Mostly, it’s mould is the biggest problem….you get some terrible places.”

“[When placing people in other boroughs]…They [the originating council] don’t have the resources to go and look at the accommodation before they move people into it.”


admin comments

ive seen this some people are living in cellars rented by landlords
some have actually been living with no hot water or heating on within the building
also know is windows not even fitted to the property and still its rented

they charge the council 70.00 a week for these propertys been rented this is rife within the yorkshire area

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