Work Programme: JSA Entitlement Doubt - Failure to Apply for a Job

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Work Programme: JSA Entitlement Doubt - Failure to Apply for a Job

Post by Mary_FV on Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:39 am

In addition to sending a mandate to DWP about an alleged failure to comply with a MAN or a MEN, the work programme provider can send an entitlement doubt to Jobcentre Plus in regards to your availability and/or actively seeking employment.

Not applying for a job notified without a MEN might trigger an ASE doubt.

The WPP could legitimately contact JCP to say a participant was notified to ring them about a vacancy and failed to do so, which raises a doubt that the person is not taking sufficient steps to seek work.  In law, applying for a suitable job is the best step a Jobseeker can take to secure employment.

Para 18

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Re: Work Programme: JSA Entitlement Doubt - Failure to Apply for a Job

Post by oneman on Fri May 05, 2017 10:39 pm

Thanks Mary.

"Entitlement doubt reason
18. You are required to consider raising an entitlement doubt where a
 is not available within appropriate time limits, for example the
participant is not able to start work immediately (unless suitable
circumstances dictate otherwise)"

We all have old Job seekers agreements Very Happy  or new CC. (Claimant Commitments) That allow 48 hour notice.
It all depends on how we negotiated with our work roach and what we got.
If we were not happy, after. We could request a amendment to the CC. Without loss of benefit.

You taught us that hun. Very Happy

My missed phone call from WP (WORK PROGRAMME) got me my first sanction and my appeal has taken 5! years. (I do have a date for June now) I will take the whole system down with me as I have had the time and knowledge to do so.
IDS (george smith) resigned when every court in this land found him guilty of stealing your money so he went to the EU courts.!!!???

Guess what he is promoting now!!!! Brexit from EU??? The courts that he relies on?


Somebody please explain this to me. Am I missing something?


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