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Post by helping_hand on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:24 am

Adhoc information on my computer and elsewhere, which may be useful?

Complaints and Responses

Universal Credit claimant job search evidence

Timescales for mandatory reconsideration

PIP & Safety

Vulnerability Guidance

The law and guidance pertaining to revision of a Jobseeker's Agreements/JSACC's
DWP policy
Upper Tribunal case

Refuse consent post WCA

Signature of documents by mechanical means
5.3 Where any of these Rules or any practice direction requires a document to be signed, that requirement shall be satisfied if the signature is printed by computer or other mechanical means.

Work activities = day to day activities

FTA QAF for DM's

Jobseeker Direction policy Nov 2016

Government guidelines for PIP

Actively Seeking Work - Discretion
All JSA claimants are required, by legislation, to agree a Claimant Commitment which includes details of the actions they will take on an on-going basis to fulfil the Actively Seeking Work requirement. However, if a claimant does not complete the exact actions detailed in their Claimant Commitment, Work Coaches have the discretion and ability to evaluate whether they have fulfilled their obligation to actively seek work in other ways.

When reviewing what the claimant has done Work Coaches should not only review what the claimant said they would do on their Claimant Commitment, but, importantly, also consider what the claimant actually did and whether that was reasonable taking into account the prevailing circumstances during the period in question. Where a claimant may not have completed everything in their Claimant Commitment in a particular period, it does not automatically follow that they were not actively seeking work if what they actually did was reasonable during the period being considered (for example they may not have completed all their agreed activities for the period as they were preparing for and attending an interview).

Disability Campaigner's victories & DIY guide

Freuds Law

Claimant Commitment Capture process

MFA - daily attendance no access to UJ
page 19

Homeless Help

Benefit Sanctions - Mental Health
Data obtained by Mind from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) under the Freedom of Information Act reveals the huge and disproportionate number of sanctions imposed on people with mental health problems who aren't currently able to work.

Safeguarding - Good Practice

Equality Advisory Service


UC Full Service and photo ID

Hardship forms - Universl Credit and Jobseeker's Allowance

Jobsearch Evidence in a particular format  The same applies for JSA claimants

Latest version of Unacceptable Customer Behaviour Guidance Details awaited

Latest version of Complaint, Review, Reconsideration - Guidance Note Details awaited

Impact of Sanctions

Advice on benefits, care and debt

The idea that tightening access to disability benefits is the way to get disabled people into work is a reinvention of the ten year old wheel that started the car crash we see around us today: An increase in suicides, and mental health problems, the explosion in the use of food banks.

Can the Conservatives really go further down this murderous road? As long as the British public still believes this has anything to do with halving the disability employment gap, they probably can.

Government Response to the Committee’s Second Report of Session 2016–17

New Streamline Jobcentre Plus with more Support for Jobseekers Ha!

Interesting Case - ESA

Ridiculous JSA/CC - WRAG claimant!

To be continued...

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Bits & Pieces Empty Re: Bits & Pieces

Post by Brutus on Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:17 pm

Thanks a lot, as usual invaluable Bits & Pieces 2035158131


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