standing up to Westminster elitism

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standing up to Westminster elitism

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:58 pm

Since 1997, a number of powers have moved away from Westminster and towards particular parts of the UK; including Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. But now, Yorkshire is also stepping up the fight for devolved powers. And it may well be onto something.
Devolution in Yorkshire?

On 1 August 2017, a number of Yorkshire’s council leaders used Yorkshire Day to announce that:

Last Friday, Yorkshire Leaders met in York in a positive and constructive meeting and agreed that they have strong common cause. The county is big enough and bold enough to want to carve out its own destiny.

They also stressed that they had:

agreed unanimously to form a ‘coalition of the willing’, working towards securing a single ambitious devolution deal for the Yorkshire authorities and areas wanting to work together on this basis.

further down a quote

As a young person, the uber-centralised state of the UK is a reoccurring punch in the face every time I apply for jobs; the vast majority of them are based in London. There is a huge brain drain taking place, as more and more talented young people are moving to London to further their career due to a lack of jobs up North, which is exacerbating the North-South divide as the North starts to feel left behind.

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