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Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:04 pm

FlyingVisitor wrote:...Sorry for any duplication, but I felt this recurring topic was important to many.

As we all know, the number of mandatory activities/courses available to DWP staff has shrunk significantly in recent months!  Smile

However, those blessed Jobseeker Directions (JSA) and work related activity requirements (UC) persist!

“No-one can get sanctioned for not attending or complying with any devolved ‘employability’ scheme, and this is made clear to everyone affected so that these schemes are effectively voluntary.”

For avoidance of any doubt, a JSD/WRA cannot be issued/notified unless the activity is reasonable and tailored to a claimant’s particular circumstances. A generalised course lasting several weeks and which includes many activities as well as voluntary work experience or activities you have already completed is not a personalised/tailored event.

DWP policy
“14.Even though a specific activity is being underpinned by a Jobseeker’s Direction, it should be clear to the claimant why the activity is deemed reasonable and the benefits of undertaking it. The claimant should see the benefits in terms of helping them improve their chances of getting a job and be willing to undertake the required activity.”

The Work Wise course is intended primarily for young people who have never worked and have little experience of looking or preparing for employment.  Therefore, I do not meet the selection criteria.... and no one has been able to identify specifically what help and support I need and why.  

“Workwise programme supports young people to develop the skills and experience they need to find work. After completing training on a range of employment-related challenges including CV building, work-based scenarios and interview practice, young people complete a work placement with one of our corporate partners. The programme is officially recognised by Jobcentre Plus (as a sector based work academy) and is an accredited BTEC Level 2 in Employability Skills. 87% of the young people who completed the course in 2012–13 secured an EET (Education or Employment) outcome, and 57% of these went into employment.”

Further, a JSD/WRA must not be notified to refer claimants to entirely voluntary activities:

DWP policy
12.A Jobseeker’s Direction must not be used

" • to refer claimants to voluntary activities such as Work Clubs, Work Together (voluntary work), Enterprise Clubs, Sector-based work academies, Work Experience"

Regulations regarding employment related courses:

Employment-related course
21340 Claimants can be treated as available, if they are taking part in an employment related course as a F/T student, for a maximum of
1. two weeks for each course and
2. one course in any period of twelve months. Before claimants can be treated as available the Emp O has to have approved their taking part in the employment-related course before the course starts1 . 1 JSA Regs, reg 14(1)(a)

21342 An employment-related course is
1 a course that helps the person to gain or enhance skills needed for
1. employment or
2. seeking employment or
3. a particular occupation. 1 JSA Regs, reg 1(3)

However, the Workwise/employability course is not suitable for my particular circumstances because…… and JC officials who inform claimants that the course is mandatory and/or issue an unlawful mandatory notice are acting in contravention of the civil service code of conduct.  

Furthermore, my work coach failed to investigate my circumstances...

Top and tail accordingly.

Let me know if I have missed anything please.

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