low unemployment figures could be based on a ‘lie’

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low unemployment figures could be based on a ‘lie’

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:59 pm


The Conservative government’s claim to have achieved low unemployment could be based on a lie. According to Business Insider (BI), the government uses a definition of unemployment that masks the true rate of joblessness, which could be more like 25%. wrote:

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Re: low unemployment figures could be based on a ‘lie’

Post by Brutus on Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:52 am

25% is way to low for the humongous cheating that #;s taking place.

Somewhere I read that applying the definition of unemployment used in the 70's (before Thatcher's era changes) they could be between ten to twenty million.

The fact that they make really hard to claim and reclassify P/Tmers and precarious workers or balloon the ranks of the self-employed make the official figures meaningless.

Yet to attract foreign investors in the properties' game, they need to present the Country as one that is economically stable and that will assure and increase the value of whatever has been bought.

To this end "lies, damn lies and statistics" are liberally used to bamboozle the unwary and those that want to be deceived (especially all the people that bought their own property or leasehold).


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