uc claim clossed due to non attendence at identity interview or cc interview

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uc claim clossed due to non attendence at identity interview or cc interview

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:53 pm



I have now had 3 cases where a UC Full service claim has been ‘closed’ (not disallowed) just ‘closed’ due to the claimant not attending either the Identity Interview at the jobcentre or the Claimant Commitment Interview.
In one case, the claimant’s phone was broken for a few days so she had no access to her online acct to find out about the interview, and although in theory she could have accessed a public computer, actually she had stored her passwords on her phone.
UC encourages people to use smart phones to access their accts. Rather than just leave the claim open for her to make contact to rearrange, it was closed within 24 hours of the FTA. Is this covered by C & P Regs. Reg 8 (5) and (6) allows for a ‘defective’ claim to be corrected within one month.
If there is no claim without the identify verification and the claimant commitment, then surely this is a ‘defect’ which can be corrected. I’m not familiar with any caselaw on ‘defective claims’ from legacy benefits so please what are your views? Either way, its unreasonable, because it leaves no opportunity for DWP to find out the reasons for the missed appointment. THey might have been in hospital or dealing with a family emergency and unable to make contact until a few days later.
It is causing not only anxiety and frustration at having to start the whole claim process again, but also delaying receipt of income, and causing rent arrears. One claimant said that the helpline had said ‘they will backdate’ but I am not too sure that this is a guarantee, as the backdating regs do not cover this eventuality specifically. wrote:

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