mencaps pay greed and other charities not to pay NMW

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mencaps pay greed and other charities not to pay NMW

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:42 pm

As a supported housing consultant the last thing you would expect me to say to the above headline that appeared yesterday in The Independent is good riddance to Mencap et al yet that is precisely what I do say! Ship up or ship out Mencap! The article is a disgraceful polemic from the ‘professional’ disability supported accommodation sector and is replete with errors of fact and emotive bullshit in its 16 sentences that I have attached at the end of this post.
General The article claims this is about overnight care when it is not. It is about one simple issue in ‘sleep-in’ payments for staff in supported housing, supported living and care environments. It is about Mencap et al wanting to pay their staff the princely sum of £3.63 per hour and not the national minimum wage of £7.50 per hour – end of – and the article is a disgraceful polemic that reveals how Mencap et al have been paying their staff just 48% of the national minimum wage and getting away with it for 23 years. This issue was first raised back in 1993 when the EU Working Time Directive was first announced that became law in 1998 – the same Directive which outlawed the 48 hour working week by imposition. wrote:

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