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medical conditions

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Originally posted by Flying Visitor replying to jobberpw:-

Hi FV,

Do you know when someone claiming jsa/UC should mention if they have any medical conditions.

I was asked do i have any that could interfere with my current line of work, and said NO,but i have others that could very well impact upon me and employer if i did a job outside of my normal work.Was also told there is no 13 week delayed period before you have to get applying for any type of job?

any advice appreciated


Hi j

1. You must declare any relevant circumstances.

Physical and mental impairments
J3165 A claimant who demonstrates that
1. they have a
1.1 physical or
1.2 mental impairment and
2. their ability to carry out work
2.1 of a particular nature or
2.2 in particular locations
is substantially adversely affected due to the impairment, must not have a work
search requirement or work availability requirement related to work of that nature or
in those locations1
1 UC Regs, reg 97(6)

“Public authorities, like the DWP and Jobcentre, have a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you’re disadvantaged by something because of your disability compared to people who aren't disabled. This means they may have to change the way they do things or provide you with extra help and assistance - for example, to use a computer or do a job application. If they know about your disability and they don’t comply with their duty, it’s unlawful discrimination.”  C.A.B.

2. You can have a permitted period of upto 3 months:

Previous paid work
J3163 A claimant who has previously carried out work
1. of a particular nature or
2. paid at a particular level
must have their work search requirement and work availability requirement limited to
work of that nature or level of pay1
1 WR Act 12, s 17(5)(a) & (b) & s 18(4)(a) & (b), UC Regs, reg 97(4)
J3164 The determination to apply the period of limitation in J3163 can be only
1. where the Secretary of State is satisfied that the claimant has reasonable
prospects of getting paid work with those limitation(s)1 and
2. for a period not exceeding three months
2.1 from the date of claim2 or
2.2 if after the date of claim, from the date on which the claimant ceases
paid work after exceeding the earnings threshold3
1 UC Regs, reg 97(4); 2 reg 97(5)(a); 3 reg 97(5)(b)

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