mandatory work experience

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mandatory work experience

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:50 am

Originally posted by Flying Visitor replying to ABC:

Flying Visitor wrote:See potential reasons for not accepting vol work at the bottom of this form:

ABC wrote:FV is there any sure-fire way to prevent the jobcentre from mandating a claimant to voluntary work (stupid though that is!) that avoids them claiming you aren't doing all that is reasonable?

Flying Visitor wrote:Ask DWP to provide evidence that they can mandate you to entirely voluntary activities.

Voluntary work provides work experience.  Work experience is voluntary.

There is no evidence that mandatory work experience helps people into work.

Voluntary work is not a one off activity.  You can be mandated to attend an appointment to make enquiries about voluntary work.

Even  UC claimants cannot be mandated to participate in work experience only a work placement ,which must be managed by DWP. Most charities would need to have their insurance policies extended and they would receive no payment for being unpaid policemen/women for DWP.

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