small print of repeal bill gives mps powers without parliment voting

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small print of repeal bill gives mps powers without parliment voting

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:16 am

On the face of it, the repeal bill addresses many of the concerns of its critics. But once you dig in a little further, the full scale of the executive power grab becomes clear. There has never been a piece of legislation like this in modern British history. We have never handed the government so much power. Ministers have a useful argument for why they are doing this: They have to. Pretty much everyone accepts that. In order to avoid a legislative black hole on the day we leave the EU, we need to copy and paste all the EU law into British law. That's a given. But when you do that, things quickly get a bit weird.
The EU law will refer to EU member states, for instance, which we will no longer be. And it will refer to EU regulators which we will no longer be part of. Plus – and here's the kicker – we won't know which regulators we need, or what powers they'll have, or which standards we're mandated to stick to, until the negotiations are over. wrote:

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