some serious questions about building control and the council

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some serious questions about building control and the council

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:11 am

GEORGIA Gould is deluded if she believes that “the stronger the role the council has as a developer, as a regulator, involved with the capacity we have in-house to ensure that the housing we build is safe, the better”.

Building control officers inspected the Chalcots works and, as far as they were able to ascertain, “the building regulations are satisfied”.

sorry to say but building control is rife with back handers from builders

one builder can build it that way but another builder can build it another way e.g builder 1 is forced to use concrete blocks yet builder 2 alot of money is allowed to use thermalite blocks

building control is so rife with a 2 tier system in all councils for those that have money

id also say for one group of people your planning will be refused but for another group of people it will be past with no problems at all within the west yorkshire area

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