DMG: Meaning of Jobseeker’s direction

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DMG: Meaning of Jobseeker’s direction

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:11 pm

Meaning of Jobseeker’s direction
34902 A JSD is defined as a direction given by an Emp O, in such a manner as is seen fit,
with a view to achieving one or both of the following
1. assisting the claimant to find employment
2. improving the claimant's prospects of being employed1
Note: See DMG 34015 for the meaning of Emp O.
1 JS Act 95, s 19A(11)(a)

I prefer this definition:
1.4 Directions
An employment officer has the power to give a Jobseeker's direction (a written notice) at any time requiring a person to undertake a specific activity with a view to achieving one of the following:

helping her/him to find employment;
improving her/his prospect of being employed.
The jobseeker’s direction must be reasonable.

A person may be directed to improve her/his employability by, for example, attending a course to improve jobseeking skills. A direction may be used to enforce what is already contained in the Jobseeker’s agreement, but may also require an additional act or step to be undertaken by a person. Failure to carry out a reasonable direction, without good cause, will result in the loss of benefit (see 5.1).

There is no direct appeal against a Jobseeker’s direction but if a person is sanctioned for failing to comply with it s/he can challenge a decision by applying for a Mandatory Reconsideration and then appeal to an appeal tribunal on the basis that it was not reasonable, or that s/he has good cause for failing to comply (see Law Centre (NI) information briefing: Mandatory Reconsideration and Direct Lodgement of Appeals:

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Re: DMG: Meaning of Jobseeker’s direction

Post by Caker on Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:08 am


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