Universal Credit (UC) roll-out 2018

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Universal Credit (UC) roll-out 2018 Empty Universal Credit (UC) roll-out 2018

Post by Non Deficere on Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:24 pm

turn2us wrote:Universal Credit is being phased in gradually, and it will depend on where you live as to whether you can make a claim for Universal Credit. You can only claim Universal Credit if you are living in a full digital service area.

Anyone in a full digital service area who is working age can start a claim for Universal Credit, as long as they don't have three or more children. Anyone with three or more children who is already on Universal Credit will stay on Universal Credit, rather than be transferred to other benefits or tax credits. Families with three or more children will be able to start Universal Credit claims from 1st February 2019 onwards.

The government expects the national roll-out of the full digital service to be completed by December 2018. The government plans to start transferring people who are still on existing benefits or tax credits onto Universal Credit from July 2019. They plan to complete this process by March 2023.

Below we list when a job centre starts to take claims under the full digital service. Some job centres will phase in their full digital service, and won't be including all their postcodes immediately. To find out if you live in a full digital service area enter your postcode on the Universal Credit Info website.


Stuart @rightsnet wrote:Regs now out that provide for roll-out of full service universal credit to all remaining postcodes over the September to December 2018 period

Northern Ireland regs are also out


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