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Post by Admin on Sat May 12, 2018 5:35 pm

ive done a bit of reviewing and researching on this and in light of the governments findajob site using adzuna

im wondering if adzuna will be able to gain access to these cvs being uploaded onto findajob website

this is adzuna policy

We may hold any information you provide to us including your e-mail address, user account details and information contained in your CV. We may also store details of your historic job searching preferences and behaviour.
What we do with this information

We use this information to make your job search experience better. For example, we may use your work history to help identify the most relevant job recommendations for you. From time to time we may use your contact details to send you these job recommendations and other information relevant to your job search. By providing us with your contact details you consent to receiving such communications. You can opt out at any time by going to your account settings or by unsubscribing using the instructions contained in each communication.
Marketing and third parties

Adzuna does store your information, including information provided in your resume. Hunter assured us that your information is 100% private and that you can request to have your resume deleted after uploading. You can read more about their privacy policy here.

heres some info that states the exact opposite note posted january 2016

Do not use ValueMyCV - data fishing for info and impossible to delete your info

I succumbed to the temptation without properly thinking but now I have I find there is no way to delete your account. To say this is a new-ish project leaving out a delete/remove my account option just seems slightly scammy. I thought the EU had rules in place to make sure users could always remove their information.

Zoopla is made by these guys so I'd avoid that too. They go under Adzuna and Adhunter ltd. Dodgy to the worst degree.

there is reference of spamming from the site

I think I can pass on the last one, already get spammed to hell on the phone and email so I don't want actual spam mail as well! But those two others do appear to be valid points although counter to each other (adding a summary yet removing content).

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