Good reason due to financial circumstances

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Good reason due to financial circumstances

Post by Admin on Sun May 21, 2017 9:53 pm

Originally posted by FlyingVisitor:


I have made some minor revisions to the posts above and added some helpful links.

Good reason due to financial circumstances.  

It will not be sufficient to say you cannot afford broadband, travel cost, stamp etc., you will need to provide an income and expenditure statement (be as honest as you can).  This will also help you to secure money from the Flexible Support Fund/money from DWP contractors." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The law says I need £X to live on each week/month £ _____   / The Hardship payment I receive each week/month £ _____  

My expenditure is as follows:

Amend to suit your situation

£____ Food
£____ Gas
£____ Electricity
£____ Water
£____ Phone
£____ Council Tax
£____ Bedroom Tax
£____ TV license
£____ Travel costs to Jobcentre
£____ Debts
£____ Clothes & shoes
£____ Toiletries/hair cut
£____ Other

£____ TOTAL

£____ Amount available for job search activity

You may be asked for proof.

Good reason for any other reason and evidence

Regrettably, most DWP staff do not trust a claimant's word, corroboration is often sought unnecessarily by JC officials and in contravention of common law.

"Claimants have a right to be believed, unless the evidence presented is contradictory or inherently improbable!"

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