Mandatory reconsiderations late appeals

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Mandatory reconsiderations late appeals

Post by Admin on Thu May 18, 2017 8:26 pm

this has come up today as im aware of late appeals of mandatory reconsideration

this one has just happened as no appeal letter was sent to the person involved

Dear Department for Work and Pensions, When a claimant disputes the Delivery by mail of a Time Critical Mandatory Reconsideration Notice from D.W.P. informing that the claimant Reconsideration failed & therefore must appeal with in time limits. 1 Who & how is the truth of the situation decided & what proof is required to quilify the departments decision. 2 considering the outcome of the Mandatory Reconsideration often stops all the claimants benefits & will have a life changing effect on the claimant, what methods & procedures do you have in place to prevent errors in your decision making & ensure compliance with your legal statutory obligations? 3 In this process how does your department ensure that its actions are not causing avoidable harm to claimants whos benefits are denied until the appeals process? 4 Does the D.W.P. have a duty of care to its claiments? 5Does the D.W.P. undertake any risk assement before denying ill claiment all benefits & all physical means of survival. wrote:

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