1.6 million identifiable patient records handed to Googles DeepMind

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1.6 million identifiable patient records handed to Googles DeepMind

Post by Admin on Tue May 16, 2017 11:05 am

the handover of the sensitive material has a bitter sweet to it


Dame Caldicott has told the hospital's medical director Professor Stephen Powis that he overstepped the mark: it's one thing to create and test an application, it's another thing entirely to use in-development code to treat people. Proper safety trials must be carried out for medical systems, she said.

"It is my view, and that of my panel, that purpose for the transfer of 1.6 million identifiable patient records to Google DeepMind was for the testing of the Streams application, and not for the provision of direct care to patients," she wrote in a letter dated February, which was leaked to Sky News on Monday.

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