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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:16 pm

Rebel-1 wrote:While I struggle with my Proposed Forum Rolling Eyes
Yet Another WEBSITE is being put together, A joint process between me and another
Ex WC/UM member; focusing on SANCTIONS might be of interest to some of you.

dboy wrote:Well I hope we can get something going more, the merrier, you put it right on the other site when you said sick of sitting about doing nothing except bitchin n moaning its time to get active, I agree if the younger gen aint gunna sort it time we older folk showed what protesting is all about glad to see your better prepared in ya combats.

While I am sure you rather go down in your liverpool kit I think the combats are more practical should things kick off.

ive had a look on your site i hope you dont mind my input on it as i will do it openly

not bad on viewing so far one query though it quotes you are moving to another site ?

I dont think you need teach to learn sorry I find it referencing to more of school reference tactics for a website you might be better explaining what group you are and what your intensions in the future might be
then moving onto rallying the allies

becareful with images on the net its not worth being hit by the copyrights act and if an image is used you also have to reference back to its original page

is it worth it well just telling people that it could benefit them by explaining an outcome of a couple of cases tends to give food for thought

the reference that you have no could be used for more the sites info on the owners

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Post by dboy on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:54 am

Thank you for taking a look and your comments, the site has probably changed somewhat since your last visit, it is open and will remain so but still under development

So far is the first project of the ES2022 Campaign.

ES2022 is a separate project to be developed later in the year and is the main campaign to end conditionality in the welfare system .

KWSK is one of hopefully many other voices that join ES2022.

KWSK is open to anyone at any level of competence to join in and get involved in helping to run a community driven website.

Whenever someone feel confident enough or want to take on a website of their own they will get full support and help setting up their own site.

Regardless of the topic or content they chose, it does not have to be a welfare site, it could be personal blog or whatever.

Or they might want to take the whole site lock stock and barrel and change theme look and feel whatever.

All I at the moment / We hopefully in the future, ask in return is they display the ES2022 logo.

More if they wish, but that is not compulsory, if they rather not display the logo then that is fine.

But displaying the Logo means they have priority help from hopefully other members of ES2022.

It is a learning process for us all, be it tackling welfare issues,welfare law,process and procedure in government, working in a team, learning IT skills, law and all the associated roles in a publishing environment.

At the moment to build a site following my guide takes about 2-3 hours work.

You get SSL and a domain name, hosting etc,add free

Total costs £2.00 for the first year,

Whatever TLD , .org .net etc you choose will determine your following years running costs.

If your own site takes off then be aware running would increase, this is where my idea of having a web ring built on free hosting will spread the load and keep the costs low for everyone.

We all would share a level of success with each other sites by linking to each for those who wish to display the ES2022 logo.

So yeh that the idea basically, it sounds ambitious to say the least and I wouldn't blame anyone to say it is nothing more than a pipe dream.

I use creative common licence images that do not require attribution.

They can be used on commercial or non commercial websites.

By remaining a non commercial add free website makes it far easier to manage in a legal sense and always happy to remove content / images if any copyright holders notify me.

Slightly off topic but I found a very funny news reporter worthy of others attention in my opinion he has got a large following.

Probably you have all seen him and I am the last to know but anyway,

You can check him out on youtube search for Jonathan Pie he has quite a few videos.

Or go here to my site where he mentions welfare, but all his videos are funny in my opinion and his channel is well worth subscribing to.

Again there is no problem posting videos on my site from you tube, people who upload videos to you tube have to agree to the terms and conditions and that gives others permission to use them to a certain degree.


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