Being Rude about Esther McVey.

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Being Rude about Esther McVey.

Post by echidna on Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:32 pm


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Re: Being Rude about Esther McVey.

Post by Brutus on Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:47 pm

Talking about "being rude" to people like IDS or Esther McVey is condoning what they have been complicit in doing.

These are mass murderers, their hand are stained with the blood of at least tens of thousand, poor, disable and vulnerable people.
While not wholly responsible for the policies, they were the zealous, enthusiastic endorsers of an extermination campaign.

We have become so divorced from the reality of what actually happens, that we fall into the tendency to think of homelessness, poverty and illness as "complex problems" partly to blame on the victims.
A general truism that mask the rational attribution of causation by introducing inappropriate moral attributes.
A timeless ruse employed by what now-a-day would be probably called "extermination officers", to justify their overwhelming guilty responsibility.

Just think: if the laws hadn't been changed, how many people would be still alive today? And if these iniquitous, homicidal laws had not been implemented so thoroughly how many would have managed to survive?

They are butchers, the fact that blood has not been splattered on their expenses suits doesn't make them less so.

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