DWP detailed benefit guides

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DWP detailed benefit guides Empty DWP detailed benefit guides

Post by Non Deficere on Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:43 pm



Universal Credit guides


Suspension and termination of benefits: staff guide

Guidance for DWP staff who suspend or terminate payment of benefit or defer a decision on a benefit claim.

Published 1 April 2010
Last updated 27 April 2015 — see all updates


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DWP detailed benefit guides Empty Re: DWP detailed benefit guides

Post by El-dudeareno on Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:44 pm

I notice there is nothing about the Universal Credit on that dwp website (Published 20 December 2013). As we all would like to know more about the U-C?  Suspect


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DWP detailed benefit guides Empty Re: DWP detailed benefit guides

Post by Brutus on Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:53 pm

The hallmark of any burgeoning autocracy has always been secrecy.
Laws and openness imply some kind of referral system above someone's interests and especially assume that the underdogs have some form of rights.

Complex, secret bureaucracies always pride themselves of their power over their hapless victims. The implication is that the underdogs only recourse against individual misfortune should only be that of ingratiating their oppressors. All the better if this smarmy deference is achieve at someone else cost.

Quoting from memory I believe that the original white paper of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act was quoting IDS opining that "the work coach recommendation should be accepted by the claimant without right of appeal" or something to this effect. He did not manage to achieve all of his nefarious intentions but that was the general approach.

They know better, the claimant is in this position because of its lack of moral fibre and whipping is meant to better its improvement prospects, even if it hurts.

All through our claims we have had to contend with this entrenched intended secrecy. The rules are changed by obscure functionaries, the JCP managers, left alone the coaches, do not know most of the law nor there is a simple way to access it.

An handful of specialised judges, top civil servants and lawyers actually understand the relevance of the "blue books" and the changing derivation of the 100 or so Acts and part of an Act, that should inform the formulation of regulations within the welfare state.
Their interpretation is of course, that of a lunatic that look at interpretations left by previous interpreters, divorced from long gone law makers and their intentions at the time.

What irritate our JCP managers and coaches is not that we prove them acting outside laws, rules and regulations but that we question their authority in a system engineered to repress us.


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DWP detailed benefit guides Empty Re: DWP detailed benefit guides

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