tory Bedroom tax trap letting tenants will be fined £30,000

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tory Bedroom tax trap letting tenants will be fined £30,000

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:32 pm

as has been advised before theres a size critera to a bedroom size but not for social landlords that quote there isnt

Take in a lodger to mitigate the bedroom tax in your spare room as official advice but if you do then your local council will fine you £30,000 for following government advice because the room you let out to the lodger and for which you are being charged bedroom tax is not a bedroom as it is not of the minimum size to be a bedroom

ive been through this myself and argued my case the local council refused to except my claims or even accept my letter over the size critera of a bedroom size

as has been published via speyejoes website

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