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Group Work (JOBS II) provider guidance  Empty Group Work (JOBS II) provider guidance

Post by Caker on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:52 am

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview of the Programme wrote:Overview of Group Work “JOBS II”
1.06 DWP is aiming to test the Group Work “JOBS II” Programme in the UK labour market. The test is part of a wider DWP research exercise aimed at claimants who struggle with their job search or work related activity. This is a voluntary provision and therefore no sanctions will apply if a claimant decides not to attend or to withdraw from the Programme. Providers will collect some of the claimant’s employment, job search and wellbeing data, as directed by DWP analysts, and a separate research organisation will be procured in order to collect follow-up and comparison data and collate the research evidence.

1.07 The Group Work “JOBS II” is a week –long, facilitated employment Programme that uses active learning techniques. Participants attend five, four-hour sessions designed to develop their job search skills, confidence, and ability to cope with set-backs.

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