upper trier tribunal exposes sham decision making process via bedroom tax

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upper trier tribunal exposes sham decision making process via bedroom tax

Post by Admin on Tue May 02, 2017 10:54 am


The Upper Tribunal in a 3 judge decision both kicked the decision making process of the Tories bedroom tax policy in the backside exposing it to be a sham as I have always maintained AND and the same Upper Tribunal decision found a legal way to justify the powers of the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal. Both of these are important and correct decisions and both cause major problems for the bedroom tax policy and for ALL social security benefit decisions made by government and not just in Housing Benefit of which the bedroom tax is one part. wrote:

[b]The DWP in seeking this appeal of the First-tier Tribunal decision was and is 99% political and saving political face and explains why the Upper Tribunal (nominally) granted permission. The UT then in this decision chaired by its President strongly assert in law that tribunals do have the powers to overturn decisions and should do so and whether this jurisdictional point is because of secondary legislation or whether they are allowed to read in ECHR rights of claimants[/b]. wrote:

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